Tareq Qaimari

Tareq Qaimari

My name is Tareq Qaimari,

I live in Ramallah.


I’m a Marketing student in QOU in my third year, and currently working in the online marketing field in three Palestinian startups.


My passion has always been to motivate people around me and to a role model for Palestinian youth.


I’ve received the opportunity to be a fellow in VIP.Fund through its’ social publishing program, and I couldn’t waste such an opportunity. Through in this amazing experience in this program, I was able to visit all marketing aspects from coming up with crazy ideas, to writing specific strategies, and I’ve also tested my leadership skills by leading the marketing team in the program. Through this program, I got introduced to amazing people that were brought up by VIP.Fund as guest speakers to help by telling us their success stories, and sharing some of the great experience they have. VIP.Fund is giving the students such a great opportunity by giving them a portal between learning from books and gaining experience from working in the fields that they like. All of this gave me the push to go out there, fulfil my dream and do my part in the community as a young man who wants grow, build, and help.


Tamer Jaber

Tamer Jaber


My name is Tamer Jaber. I live in Ramallah. I am a Computer Science/Business Administration fresh graduate from Birzeit University. I am passionate about Sociology, graphic design, social innovation and exploring new things which encouraged me during my college years to grab all available opportunities to improve myself. These opportunities allowed me to eventually become a VIP.fund fellow and to be enrolled in its social publishing program.  Through this program I was able to improve my soft skills which I needed to improve compared to my technical skills. I also gained practical experience in fields of time management, team work, public speaking and launching campaign. In addition, I received knowledge in social publishing from highly experienced and international guest speakers. Now more than ever I feel empowered to invest my time and energy to bridge the gap between business and technology through civic engagement projects in order to improve the overall development of Palestine and the world.

Lama Amr

Lama Amr

My Name is Lama Amr
I live in Ramallah and I am originally from Hebron.
I am Business Administration fresh graduate, an influencer, a photographer and a filmmaker.
I work as a program coordinator in VIP.fund
I’m passionate about all issues concerning education, art, social innovation and photography.
While participating in the VIP.fund pograms, I was able to shape my presentation, leadership and time management skills. The VIP.fund also expanded my knowledge and experience base  so now I feel more ready to work on enhancing my community and maybe the world!
VIP.fund is an enthusiastic community which works together to connect the different skills, thoughts and ideas to position youth in  their communities to make the change.
I can use my skills to help others. I’ve got some experience in planning, coordinating, research, social publishing, photography and videography.

Halima Aziz

Halima Aziz


Halima Aziz

Where you live?

Ramallah – Palestine

Your professional status?

Professional Status:

I hold a bachelor degree in Computer science from Birzeit University,I am a highly motivated and smart freelance web developer and graphic Designer having about 3 years experience in custom web development especially in making dynamic websites using WordPress, BuddyPress, CSS, HTML. My love for graphic design stems from my passion to create while solving problems. It’s like combining art and math class – you get to create something stunning while figuring out the best solution. Also, the ability to represent yourself and your client through your work is an honorable feeling.

I’m a VIP.fund fellow / Intern / Mentor / Advisor ?

I’m a VIP.fund fellow

Your passion / story / aspiration ?

In every job a person learns new things every day. I do too, which is another reason that my passion for design has increased. Every day I increase my knowledge base. My work doesn’t end with designing a website. I need to continue managing the site and its backend as well as monitor that everything continues to be well on the frontend. As a designer, I must deal with various bugs; each one leads me through a learning session. Although theoretical learning might not be that interesting, practical learning is much more fun. The challenge of resolving a problem inspires me to continue designing and go through learning experiences every day.
The process of creating something new and witnessing the birth of the design is really amazing. Even today I always get excited to see the end product emerge. Waiting to see it is challenging as thousands of questions flood my mind: Will it be good enough? Can I make it better? Why does the design look incomplete? Is this what I imagined?

How has the VIP.fund community helped?

My experience with vip.fund helped me to use my time wisely. I know that on certain days I do not have time to run errands or hang out with friends even. Each minute of each day is used for something. One thing that works really well for me is to write everything down. I mean everything. I write down if I am going to email people, test something, design or coding. It works for me to use trello platform that goes by the tasks and shows me what I am going to be doing every day. Knowing what I have to do everyday helps me plan out my week and my days.

Joining the social publishing program with the vip.fund at Birzeit university as the IT team leader and also woked as a member in the design team it helped me identify gaps in my leadership skills , There is an important link between teamwork and self-assessment. By its definition, self-assessment sounds like a task for an individual, not a team, but recently I have been learning more about how the two support one other.

vip.fund heped me also in these fields: Attractive contents creation, Marketing Strategy, launching campaigns, apply for grants and launching succefull fundraising campaigns.

World ask.. what can others do for you?

Others do for me:

  • Sharing Knowledge and experience.
  • Learning New things in design, social Media and web fields.


What you can do for others?

I will be happy to help at:

  • Web Design/ Graphic Design
  • Creating Branding Identity
  • Learning on new platforms
  • Technical issues.
  • Social Media Support
  • Mentor a Child or Student
  • Volunteer with charity organizations
  • Smile More often