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Application Process

  1. Submit a 1 minute video telling us why you’re suitable for the position to Answer the following questions:
    1. What are you passionate about
    2. Why you’re right for the job
    3. What awesome idea you have to transform education using technology
  2. Send your resume to
  3. Follow us on twitter and get 10 others to follow – @boostVIP

General Responsibilities (Apply to all positions)

  1. Research and suggest creative solutions to address tasks and projects
  2. Ask, don’t assume
  3. Follow up with your mentor
  4. Attend scheduled meetings and online calls
  5. Respect deadlines
  6. Advocate daily across all social channels
  7. Report weekly

Program Fundraising Intern

  • Posted November 29th 2016
  • Location: Online Post – USA working hours (all timezones)
  • Research granting organizations
  • Develop new grant proposals and update existing ones
  • Apply for grants and follow up with granting organizations
  • Identify Speaking opportunities for the team
  • Update website content
  • Manage Social Media Channels
  • Demonstrate working knowledge of G Suite, desktop publishing to support visually engaging proposals

Content Marketing Intern

  • Posted August 25th 2016
  • Track our projects
  • Write, produce video and photo slides about them
  • Publish them on social channels
  • Create conversations on social media
  • Analyze and improve engagement
  • Experienced in using social media and email marketing tools for business (Facebook live, YouTube Live Stream, mailchimp, G Suite, others)
  • Demonstrate knowledge of social media publishing tools and analytics (Buffer, Google Analytics, others)

Fellowship Program Intern

  • Posted November 29th 2016
  • Start Date: Immediately
  • Location: Online Position / Remote work, PST Working Hours
  • Research fellowship programs
  • Create fellowship program material
  • Coordinate fellowship application process
  • Arrange interviews, feedback and onboarding of fellows
  • Update fellowship program website content
  • Post fellowship program updates on Social Media Channels
  • Reach out to relevant media outlets to promote fellows
  • Language: Fluent in English

Program Coordinator – Summer Program

  • Based in Beirut
  • Oversee youth education program
  • Coordinate with field partners
  • Present to sponsors and partners
  • Report on program
  • Publicize content and engage audiences through VIP.FUND social channels

Design Intern – (USA & Middle East)

  • Create a brand manual for, VoxVisio, edSeed
  • Build creative designs that are inline with the brand
  • Update website designs and maintain brand consistency
  • Suggest and implement campaign designs across channels (social media banners, post images, website homepage slider)
  • Assist in producing visually engaging proposals, training materials and presentations
  • Label all site design content to optimize for search engines
  • Maintain design folders
  • Report Weekly

IT Intern

  • Learning Management System
  1. Maintain Arabic & English LMS
  2. Create and manage MetaData
  3. Receive designs and update the look and feel
  4. Maintain the brand on both sites
  5. Update Plugins
  6. Manage Users
  7. Upload course content (support course team)
  8. Maintain consistency in courses
  9. Research Learning Management System Functions
  10. Train Course Content team members on it
  11. SEO (meta data, image label, tags, backlinks to other sites)
  12. Provide weekly traffic reports & technical report
    1. Research content aggregator
    2. Create and manage MetaData
    3. Update content from BirHakaya & New publishing Platform
    4. Update content from Social Publishing program team
    5. Work on new features updates with social publishing program IT team
    6. Provide weekly traffic reports & technical report
    7. Maintain the brand
    8. SEO (meta data, image label, tags, backlinks to other sites)
    1. Maintain Arabic & English Website
    2. Update homepage banner – 2 times per month
    3. Create and manage MetaData
    4. Manage updates to University Portal
    5. Provide weekly traffic reports & technical report
    6. Work with App team on integration
    7. SEO (meta data, image label, tags, backlinks to other sites)

Translation Intern

  • Translate content from English to Arabic
    1. Website content
    2. Frequently Asked Questions
    3. Training program material
    4. Media briefings and other documents
  • Create Arabic marketing content (newsletter, social channels)

edSeed Intern – PR – US-based

  • Creative campaigns for US Donors
  • Creative campaigns for US-student campaigns
  • Outreach to USA Media
  • Outreach to USA Universities
  • Weekly activity & impact reporting
  • Attend events to generate funding, donor, partner leads
  • Digital media channel management

edSeed Intern – Admin – US-based

  • Review site content / provide recommendations to ensure relevancy to USA Audience
  • Review FAQs / provide recommendations to ensure relevancy to USA Audience
  • Review App Section headings / provide recommendations to ensure relevancy to USA Audience
  • Provide feedback on app functionality
  • Weekly activity & impact reporting
  • Grant proposal writing

edSeed Intern – Community On-boarding

  • Engage and onboard the target community of education institutions and students
  • Suggest creative campaigns to promote student profiles
  • Train students
  • Collect user feedback and liaise with development teams
  • Provide recommendations and support to optimize user experience