Our Fellows


  1. Driven to innovating in the social entrepreneurship edTech and media space
  2. Have a project/startup that benefits marginalized youth in the MENA (The Middle East & North Africa) and US region OR willing to join a team for a VIP.fund project
  3. Have interest in the VIP.fund programs, willing to join as a team member on a specific project, provide mentoring support or act as a coordinator
  4. At university or a recent graduate (undergraduate third and fourth year and graduate level)


  1. Mentorship, guidance, training and advice
    a.Free access to VIP.fund programs, webinars
    b.Access to the VIP.fund network of advisors, industry experts, media relations
    c.Gain new skills from various expertise areas
  2. Support with startup fundraising
    a.Access to the VIP.fund network of angel investors and grantors
    b.Eligibility to equity in startups launched by or with support from the VIP.fund
  3. Profiled in the VIP.fund communications material (photos, videos, text) and in the social impact media


VIP.fund fellows are expected to commit to the following:
  1. Disclose work and study commitments including scholarships, fellowships, business plan competitions, hackathons, study abroad program plans for the year you apply for fellowship with the VIP.fund
  2. Commit to the fellowship project
  3. Not take on any additional work or  commitments during the course of the program year without prior approval of your VIP.fund mentor
  4. Commit to no less than 10-15 hours a week for the project / program you are working on with the VIP.fund
  5. Commit to a minimum of one hour conference call per month with your assigned mentor
  6. Present a monthly webinar on a topic you have learned and can share with others on the VIP.fund site
  7. Be prepared to present and discuss your project/startup activities to the VIP.fund advisory committee when requested
  8. Represent the VIP.fund at local entrepreneurship, youth, media, education and  technology events
  9. Present a 1-2 minute video and/or content about your activities on the VIP.fund fellowship profiles page
  10. Volunteer to support the VIP.fund program participants as part of our “Pay-it-forward” program the year after your fellowship ends and 12 hours minimum per year thereafter
  11. Report on your volunteer activities in accordance with the VIP.fund impact reporting requirements
  12. Advocate and and uphold the VIP.fund values across all aspects of your work and team engagements