Ahmed A. Al Karriri


Ahmed A. Al Karriri

Where you live?

Gaza – Palestine

Your professional status?

Professional Status:

  • Founder of Green Knowledge Community, GKC. GKC is the first green business incubator in Palestine
  • Projects Coordinator in  External Relations Office at the Islamic University of Gaza (IUG)

I hold a first degree in civil engineering and I am currently pursuing my Master’s degree in Management and Business Administration at (IUG). My research focuses on knowledge management and innovation strategies, especially in entrepreneurship projects.

In the beginning of 2016, I founded the Green Knowledge Community – GKC as the first green business incubator in Palestine. It’s a voluntary -based community, aims at educating the community on green technologies and ways of green lifestyle.

I’m a VIP.fund fellow / Intern / Mentor / Advisor ?

I’m a VIP.fund fellow

Your passion / story / aspiration ?

Personally, my aspiration is to have a fulfilling and satisfying life, to live by design not by default, and to discover the purpose of life and live accordingly.

I do believe that we all have something to share with others. Every day there is a new chance to educate and share knowledge with someone. The most important thing is to keep educating ourselves so we can stay ahead of the curve. In Professional terms, my passions are in the field of green business strategies and social entrepreneurship. My aspiration is to create an influential organization that drives local economy and society to be greener, healthier, and to stimulate and facilitate the knowledge exchange of green practices and solutions.

How has the VIP.fund community helped?

VIP.fund has provided me with a mentoring service to enhance the development of my initiative.

World ask.. what can others do for you?

Others do for me:

  • Sharing their experiences with me
  • Contributing at scaling up GKC incubator and helping us to make GKC more suitable place for green initiatives and startups in Gaza – Palestine.
  • Connecting me with potential opportunities and people who are in the same page with me.

What you can do for others?

I will be happy to help at:

  • Social entrepreneurship projects and initiatives.
  • Green solutions
  • Connecting people with each other
  • Helping in collaboration and facilitation as much as I can.



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January 30, 2017