Tamer Jaber


My name is Tamer Jaber. I live in Ramallah. I am a Computer Science/Business Administration fresh graduate from Birzeit University. I am passionate about Sociology, graphic design, social innovation and exploring new things which encouraged me during my college years to grab all available opportunities to improve myself. These opportunities allowed me to eventually become a VIP.fund fellow and to be enrolled in its social publishing program.  Through this program I was able to improve my soft skills which I needed to improve compared to my technical skills. I also gained practical experience in fields of time management, team work, public speaking and launching campaign. In addition, I received knowledge in social publishing from highly experienced and international guest speakers. Now more than ever I feel empowered to invest my time and energy to bridge the gap between business and technology through civic engagement projects in order to improve the overall development of Palestine and the world.


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January 30, 2017