Peer-to-Peer Mentor Program



Our Peer-to-Peer Mentor Program connects individuals across the world to create a productive friendship based on an exchange of experiences and skills. By bringing together inspiring mentors and refugee youth, the programme brings different perspectives, forms of knowledge, and interests and seeks to nurture fruitful exchanges that are enriching for both parties involved.

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Mentors’ Criteria

We welcome applicants who are interested in supporting our exceptional network of motivated refugee, displaced, and conflict-impacted youth. Mentors from all over the world are eligible to apply, though fluency in English (and/or Arabic) is key at current stages given our network of refugee youth. Mentors are individuals who are eager to guide and provide support to others, while also being open to learning from their experiences. Typically, we ask individuals to consider the areas of knowledge or skills that they wish to share with others when signing up to become a mentor.

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Mentees’ Criteria

We seek to support all refugee, displaced, and conflict-impacted youth across the world who wish to engage in productive and inspiring exchanges to complement their learning and development. Currently, our mentees include all students supported by edSeed, who are typically undergraduate and graduate students from the Arab regions. We are eager to expand our network and welcome partnerships to do so.

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  • Mentors and mentees should agree on what they wish to gain through this programme, though these goals may also be revised with time. This includes specifying what subject focus or skills are to be central to future exchanges.
  • Mentors are responsible for ensuring that mentees make progress towards achieving these goals.
  • Mentors and mentees are asked to converse one hour a week (typically via Zoom). Mentors will ensure that calls are semi-structured with purpose and continuity.
  • In addition to calls, mentors and mentees may connect via email. Mentors are expected to organise a weekly call with mentees.
  • We encourage a peer to peer form of mentoring. While mentors’ experiences guide this exchange, mentors and mentees are expected to share their viewpoints and learn from one another.
  • The edSeed team is here to support mentors and mentees with any questions or concerns. Occasional suggestions for topics and questions may be shared with mentors and mentees for additional support, and group meetings with all mentors and mentees are to be held occasionally.


We seek to match mentors and mentees based on mutual interests and subject-areas, to guarantee that both parties benefit from these exchanges.

Our priority is to ensure that our mentees are supported based on their educational needs, and we recognize the importance of personal quests – including hobbies, language skills, and the bigger philosophical questions. We encourage mentors and mentees to also engage in topical issues that affect our world, sharing and learning from the perspectives of one another.