STEAM Trainer coach training program for “junior kids coding and animation Camp”

for “junior kids coding and animation Camp”
Apply and partners intend to launch interactive e-learning programs to teach kids animation through computer programming. The programs are designed to develop critical and creative thinking among children as they learn the basics of scratch coding, animation and even origami making.
Beneficiaries of the first stage junior program are children ages of 8-12.
participants who will join the junior pilot program will eventually move on to intermediate and advanced levels for the same age group.
participants will learn how to teach young children and youth under 18 visual coding and animation and will become the core training team of our junior trainers’ programs.
We are committed to UN SDG’s 4 & 5 on Quality Education and Gender Equality. Priority will be given to female applicants.

Candidate must

  • Be fluent in Arabic and have a fair knowledge of English
  • Be 19 years old and above, females and males
  • Have good command of math and science
  • Have very good computer skills
  • Have knowledge of Google drive applications
  • Have 24/7 internet access
  • Have access to a laptop or desktop computer
  • Have a smartphone
  • Knowledge of scratch platforms and visual programming languages (Blockly or Scratch) is a plus.

Required skills

  • Artistic talents
  • Basic computer programming, Animation and storytelling skills are a plus but not a
  • requirement (they will be developed during the training)
  • Class management skills
  • Handcrafts/ Origami skills are a plus

Expected Accomplishments

  • host online sessions with 3-4 students
  • participate in training sessions moderated by other trainers to develop their skills
  • follow up with senior trainers or program developer on any updates in classes
  • learn to manage classes using ClassDojo or Google for education “if needed”

    To qualify you must

    • Make learning an enjoyable experience
    • Like to teach children
    • Be patient with kids
    • Have a friendly, warm and sunny disposition
    • Be endowed with Creative thinking/ Be Inspiring to others
    • Be dedicated and eager to learn new things
    • Have a passion for ART and handicrafts including “origami”

      Candidates will learn

      • How to teach young children using “STEAM” approach
      • Basics of Visual coding “scratch”, animation and storytelling concepts.
      • How to manage and use e-learning platforms.
      • Papercrafts
      • how to develop programs related to “Google for education CS first” to expand knowledge of
      • Scratch and animation; follow up with program developers to continue to work on
      • implementing the class vision and put new ones.